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Our diesel-powered Hydronic Heat System is the most effective way to bring maximum heat to every bed bug job. The Quest Heat System allows the Pest Control Professional to reach maximum temperatures in infested areas quicker and more efficiently than ever before. In addition, Quest’s maximum performance does not sacrifice design or convenience; our units not only weigh less, but also have a smaller footprint than the competition, making them easier to transport and maneuver on the job site.

High Capacity:

385,000 BTU’s of safe, powerful heat enables complete eradication in one pesticide-free treatment.


Our low pressure, heat transfer systems are much safer than 460V electric systems.

Cost of Ownership:

Hydronic systems will last for years with very little service expense. Most 460V electric systems require powerful generators which are service intensive and over the life of the system add a substantial cost.


  • With the increased maneuverability and heat capacity of our system, the Pest Control Professional will now have the control they need to heat the infested structure efficiently and effectively the first time.
  • With diesel fuel readily available at most gas stations, Quest’s diesel-powered Hydronic system makes refueling easy any time of the day or night. And, because our diesel system operates almost silently, hydronic systems are far less intrusive on the job site, especially in residential neighborhoods.
  • In many major cities, government laws prohibit the transportation of propane systems over bridges or through tunnels, greatly limiting the number of accessible jobs with these systems.
Up to 385,000 BTUs of Safe Hydronic Heat

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Quest part no 4030305

PART NO. 4030305

System Includes

1 CHH-300 385,000 BTU Central Hydronic Heater
1 12 ft. Trailer
6 HFC 100 Fan Coils
12 3,000 CFM Axial Air Movers
4 1” x 50’ Hoses
8 ¾” x 50’ Hoses
8 ¾” x 25’ Hoses
4 Manifolds
2 Tees
1 Twist-Lock Coupler
6 Power Cords
2 Twist-Lock Electrical Power Cords
1 Fire Extinguisher
quest powerheat 300

Quest PowerHeat CHH 300 Pro
CHH 300 Specifications

Fuel Input 385,000 BTU/hr
Fuel Options Diesel/Natural
Heat Transfer Fluid Propylene Glycol
Stainless Steel Pump 1HP
Lifting Hook 1
Fuel Consumption Diesel 2.4 Gallons/hr
(at Full Load)
quest hfc 100

Quest PowerHeat HFC 100 Pro
HFC 100 Specifications

Heat Capacity 100,000 BTUs
Airflow 950 CFM
Power 1.8 amps, 120V
quest a3000

Quest Power Air Mover A3000
A3000 Specifications

Part No. 4028330
Power 1.9 or 2.5 Amps
(Low/High), 110 V
Airflow 3000 CFM
Cord 20 Ft. Power Cord
Outlet 15A UL Rated GFCI
Duplex Receptacle
(A30+ only)
W x H x D 19.125″ x 19.5″ x 15.2″
Weight 29.5 Lbs.
quest tandem trailer

Tandem Trailer
Trailer Specifications

GVWR 7,000 lbs.
Fuel Options Diesel/Natural
Dimensions 8’ x 12’, enclosed
Axle Tandem
Brakes Electric
Lights 6 pole connector
Hook-up 2” Class IV ball
quest glycol distribution system

Glycol Distribution System
Glycol Specifications

Hoses EPDM Glycol-Compatible, Puncture
Resistant Industrial Grade Hoses – 1” x 50’, 3/4” x 50’, 3/4” x 25’
Manifolds 3-Port Manifold – 1” x ¾”
Couplings Low Loss, Quick Connect Series B
ISO Couplings – 1”, ¾”
Quest PowerHeat CHH 980 Pro

PART NO. 4033030

Quest PowerHeat CHH 980 Pro
Note: This unit is not part of the CHH 300 System.
CHH 980 Specifications
The CHH 980 Central Hydronic Heater is sold separately from the CHH 300 Hydronic System. Custom CHH 980 System configurations are available upon request.

Part No. 4033030
Fuel Input 990,000 BTU/Hr.
Fuel Options Diesel/Natural
Propylene Glycol 1.8 amps, 110V
Stainless Steel Pumps 2 Ea. 1.5 HP
Lifting Hook 1
Fuel Consumption Diesel 7.07 Gallons/Hr.
(At Full Load)

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Quest Heat Systems

Hydronic System Accessories

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