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Single Family Homes

Heat treatments are ideal for home applications. Because they do not rely on the use of any harmful chemicals, heat treatments are safe in homes even where children, pets, and chemical-sensitive occupants reside. Heat treatments are also very quick, allowing families to safely and confidently return to their homes within hours of the treatment.

Quest’s Hydronic Heat System is perfect for whole-house heat treatments. The system’s capacity allows treatment of the entire structure, up to 2800 square feet, in a single application. For larger homes, multiple systems can be run simultaneously to achieve complete treatment in a single workday.

Most competing systems lack the power required to heat an entire house. As a result, treatments often progress slowly, room-by-room, spanning multiple days and limiting the overall effectiveness of total eradication.

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Apartments blend some of the challenges of hotel treatments with those of single family homes. Like a hotel, apartment treatments must take adjacent units into account; very often, the apartment units next to a known infested unit also have bed bugs. But like a single-family home, apartment buildings often house families with children, pets, and chemical-sensitive residents, making traditional chemical treatment methods impossible.

Quest’s Hydronic Heat System is the ideal solution for large apartments, or for simultaneously treating smaller units. For treating smaller individual apartment units, particularly those that aren’t easily accessible with a Hydronic Heat System, Quest’s Electric Heat Systems provide the capacity and flexibility you need for a safe, effective treatment.

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Retail Stores

Bed bug infestations have recently closed down several prominent retail stores. Imagine the lost revenues and mounting brand damage done to these establishments every day their doors are closed. Infestations of this nature must be handled quickly and effectively, with no potential chemical contamination or damage to the contents inside the structure.

The ideal solution would have the ability to treat the structure overnight, without packing out the inventory, allowing the store to be open for business the next morning. Unlike competing systems, Quest’s Hydronic Heat System offers the capacity to perform this level of service.

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Hotels are one of the hardest hit sectors from the bed bug epidemic. Hotels live and die by their reputation, so reports of a bed bug infestation can be devastating. Once a problem is identified, hotels must move quickly (but discreetly) to contain the problem before brand damage becomes irreparable.

The problem is exacerbated by how quickly infestations can spread. In addition to bug migration, cleaning crews traveling from room to room and guests meeting in common areas can quickly turn a single-room problem into an entire hotel infestation.

The keys to bed bug mitigation in the hotel world are capacity and speed. Since adjacent rooms and the rooms above and below an infested unit are likely to also have bed bugs, treatment methods must cover multiple rooms in a single pass.

Every day a room is out of service – whether due to an infestation or chemical treatment – represents lost revenue. And since chemical treatments can put rooms out of service for 30 days or more, a chemical-free solution is often the only viable option.

Quest’s Hydronic Heat System allows the simultaneous treatment of up to 6 rooms, all of which can be put back into service within hours of completing the job. For high-rise hotel applications, where utilizing a trailer system is impractical, Quest’s Electric Heat Equipment offers scalability and portability to suit your specific needs.

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Libraries, classrooms, and student housing make universities the perfect environment for a bed bug outbreak. Between the massive numbers of students, close living quarters, and affinity for second-hand furniture, a bed bug infestation at a university could become widespread very quickly.

Many universities are developing official policies and action plans associated with what they fear is an impending bed bug pandemic. Treatments are complicated due to the potential size of infested areas and inability to put rooms or buildings out of service during the academic year. Making matters worse, concerns over chemical sensitive students make traditional chemical treatment options impractical.

An effective solution requires maximum capacity, minimal down time, and no harmful chemicals. The Quest Hydronic Heat System offers the ability to treat larger areas than competing systems, while our Electric Heat System is ideal for individual dorm rooms and hard-to-reach applications.


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